From the snow-frosted peaks in the Freljord to the arid wastes of the Shurima desert, the world of Runeterra and League of Legends is a mélange of vistas sure to push all of your inspiration-buttons. Since we last ran this contest, we’ve expanded beyond Runeterra with the release of VALORANT and, fittingly, this contest is expanding, too. 

This time around it will include VALORANT’s art style as well as the unique art style in development for Project L, our unreleased fighting game, in addition to the classic League of Legends style. At Riot, we take art seriously and silly in equal measures, building a house style that’s instantly recognizable and unique. Now we’re looking to see what you can do. We’re reintroducing our Creative Contest and along with it, the chance to win some unique prizes at the intersection of our games and VFX. 

You probably want to hear about those prizes, but let’s get some of the details out of the way first.

The Assignment

Create a stylized cast, projectile, and area of effect explosion: We’d love to see your interpretation of an explosion effect in a similar style to VALORANT, League of Legends or, Project L, our unreleased fighting game. We’d like to see the cast, projectile, explosion, and outro elements all working together to create something amazing. The explosion area can have whatever gameplay effect you determine. 

The Judging

All entries will be judged using the following criteria:

  1. Story: Elements used to make it feel like a cohesive experience

  2. Satisfaction/Entertainment

  3. Style Match:

    1. Hue range

    2. Value

    3. Timing

    4. Shape language

The Rules


  • All entrants need to have a Riot Games account - don’t have one? Go here to make an account, it’s free!

  • Contest starts Aug 1, 2023, 10:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)

  • The deadline for entries is Sept 30, 2023 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)

  • Winners will be announced, and winning entries featured, on the contest website once judging has been completed

  • One person per entry; no team entries

  • One entry per person

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to submit an entry

  • A RIOT GAMES CREATIVE CONTEST Discord server has been created specifically for this event - Please ask your contest related questions by using the Q&A thread in this server

  • The artwork submitted to this contest must be made originally for this contest. No existing artwork will be accepted

  • Riot Games is the sole judge of the contest and our judgment will be final

  • When you’re ready to submit your masterpiece, use this form

  • When submitting, save and upload your MP4 file using the following format: First Name_Last Name_Game title ex: John_Smith_Valorant.mp4 

  • Current partners, contractors, and employees of Riot Games are not eligible for participation

  • Lastly, for the full rundown of all the official rules, click here

The Submission

  1. Upload your final asset through the submission form

    1. One entry per person

    2. All submissions are final

  2. Final asset should be a video of this sequence showcasing your effect

    1. Must have the cast, projectile, area of effect, and outro

    2. Do not use camera shake

    3. The VFX should be the star of the show so please set all VFX shaders to unlit, do not use any real-time lighting, and keep the background untextured

  3. Entries should be submitted in MP4 video file format

The Prizes

All winners will have the option to participate in a group virtual hangout session to chat with some Riot Games VFX artists.

1st Place

  • Work highlighted on Riot Games channels

  • Wacom® Cintiq® Pro 27 Interactive Pen Display

  • Autodesk® Maya® one-year subscription

  • Choice of 70k Riot or Valorant Points

  • Commemorative signed Riot Games Art Contest Poster by the VFX team

2nd Place

  • Work highlighted on Riot Games channels

  • Wacom® Cintiq® 22

  • Autodesk® Maya® one-year subscription

  • Choice of 60k Riot or Valorant Points

  • Commemorative signed Riot Games Art Contest Poster by the VFX team

3rd Place

  • Work highlighted on Riot Games channels    

  • Wacom® Cintiq® 16

  • Autodesk® Maya® one-year subscription

  • Choice of 50k Riot or Valorant Points

  • Commemorative signed Riot Games Art Contest Poster by the VFX team

*based on country prize laws prizes will be physical items or cash equivalent*

For your reference

The Timing

Contest Launch: Tuesday, Aug 1, 2023, 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Contest End: Friday, Sept 30, 2023 11:59 PM Pacific Time

The FAQs

Who is able to participate in the contest?
Participants must be 18 or older to submit an entry.

After this contest is over, can I use this in my demo reel or portfolio?
Absolutely. Everything you make here is your own, and at the end of the day, regardless of whoever wins, you’ll have more experience making VFX and another awesome piece for your portfolio!

Can I use AI generated imagery like from Midjourney in this piece?
Unfortunately no. Ethics aside, AI generated assets cannot be copyrighted and are, therefore, generally a bad idea to use in a production capacity. We want to see what you can achieve as if you were working on an actual production.

Can I use an effect I made prior to this contest?
There is no limit to using similar techniques or tools you had made previously but please do not use an effect you have previously created.

Can I submit multiple entries?
We’re asking participants to adhere to a limit of one entry per person.

Can I change my entry/responses after I have submitted the form?
Once it is submitted, it’s submitted, so please double check that you’ve uploaded the correct file(s)!

I don’t play Riot’s games, can I still enter?
Yes! While we want to be able to see how your effect fits into VALORANT, League or Project L styles - you do not have to be a player to enter but you must have a Riot Games account - go here to make an account it’s free!

I still have more questions, where do I go?
A Discord thread to ask questions regarding the contest – overview, rules, judging, and prizes – has been made specifically for this contest. Please ask your questions there, in the RIOT GAMES CREATIVE CONTEST Q&A thread.


Now that the rules and the prizes are out of the way, it’s time to start making some awesome art. Don’t forget that the deadline for submissions is Saturday, Sept 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time; we can’t wait to see what you come up with!