From across the globe, those with awakened souls are granted an invitation to fight in the Tournament of Souls! It sits as king above all entertainment, a televised spectacle with no equal! Fighters face off in 1v1 battles until only one remains to receive their prize: their soul’s deepest desire.

These fighters’ souls awaken by trials fought on battlefields or in the very trenches of the mind. Each fighter is granted unique abilities reflective of their nature and the power to conjure forth the very essence of their spirit. Some hone their strength and temper it with training, while others use it only as a weapon to destroy. They are... SOUL FIGHTERS!

This guide is the second of a two-part series. In case you missed it, check out our Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide: Round 1 which covers Samira, Sett, Pyke, Naafiri, Lux, Nilah, and Draven.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Viego


The gracious—if needlessly reclusive—host of the Tournament of Souls welcomes all to his arena! Look at him now, eyeing the competition from his throne room high above the ring! Doesn't his solitude just make ya sad, folks? Here's hoping he hops down from that tower and turns that sorrow into UNBRIDLED RAGE! Viiiiieeeeeeegoooooo!


Viego’s colors of choice are white, purple, and violet with black and gold accents. First things first: every king needs his crown and Viego is no exception. Viego’s crown has six points tipped in a bright red with a bright yellow in the center. 

Viego’s jacket is a purple hue with black lining and gold accents. The inside has a violet quilted diamond design. He has enlarged jacket cuffs and an exaggerated collar with gold clamps on the ends. On the back of the jacket is a golden emblem. Viego’s chest has its own eye surrounded by intricate ink markings that span across his torso.

On Viego’s hips sits an intricate black leather belt with a golden god’s eye emblem functioning as the belt’s buckle. At the end of the belt straps are enlarged golden buckles. There is also a golden chain attached to Viego’s left hip that is attached to another god’s eye-inspired emblem. 

Lastly, we have this King’s pants and shoes. His pants are white leather, with a few belts on his thighs and left ankle. The pants flare out towards his ankle, leading to his black leather boots which are fastened with straps and enlarged buckles.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Gwen


She went to the ends of the world (and beyond) to save her friend. And according to the bracket that I'm looking at with my very own eyes, she's going to have to fight him to win this tournament! OOF! I swear, this isn't scripted, folks. It's LIVE TV! A girl with friendship in her heart and magical scissors that raise the dead in her hands—It’s Gwen!


Gwen’s outfit features four colors: a vibrant magenta, a blue-toned black, a warm gray hue, and a medium violet purple. The white, black, and purple sections of Gwen’s attire are made of comfortable and slightly thick matte fabric, while the magenta parts have a more glossy texture. The magenta spikes on her dress are soft, and the golden elements that accent her outfit are made from sturdy metal. Gwen’s left eye is the same magenta that is used in her attire and features a yellow X, while her right eye matches the black on her outfits. Her weapon is purple and blue and the highlighted portions on it can emit a soft glow. Her shoes both have open mouths, but only the left foot has a tongue.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Evelynn


Most awaken their souls through hard work, but this fighter... no! All it took was a stop by the Department for the Eradication of Manifested Anomalies and boom! Cobra powers. SURE, apparently the procedure involves the "worst pain one can possibly imagine." But look at her now! Here to hunt down a daughter with nowhere left to run. It's Evelynn!


Evelynn sports a neon purple cap with a decorated visor that drops down to cover her right eye. She has a black corset paired with a collar composed of black leather wraps with blue accents beneath. Over her corset is a brown jacket with exaggerated cuffs and a black leather belt around her waist to tie the jacket together. On her arms are black leather wraps that cover her arms down to her bright purple claws. On Evelynn’s hips rests a black belt in the fashion of a garter belt that extends down her legs and connects to more belts. Underneath her belts are bright purple leggings that fade to black towards her black heels.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Jhin


Don’t ask him how, but this twisted mentor can unlock ANY person’s soul power under the right conditions. Just be prepared, because his trials are deadly! He’s ready to put his art on full display on the world’s biggest stage and maybe even get some revenge on a bounty hunter along the way! Let’s give it up for… Jhin!


To Jhin, the battles in the tournament are just a performance, and what is a performance without a costume worthy of a star? Jhin brings some vivid colors to the arena, with a bright red vest, popping orange tie, attention-grabbing gold trim, and finally a reimagining of his prosthetic arm in the Soul Fighter universe where it takes on a bright amethyst color. Starting with the last thing his opponents will see, Jhin’s mask has been redesigned to have a gold-plated front with the left eye closed. You might notice a scratch or two on his mask, but you should’ve seen the other guy.

Jhin’s bright red linen vest and belt are sure to captivate his opponents. While he doesn’t need a sleeve to cover his prosthetic arm, he does have a big pauldron on his right shoulder with four large spikes protruding from it for some dramatic impressions. This is balanced out by a cuffed and buttoned sleeve on his left arm with a black leather glove to accompany it. Turning our favorite serial killer around, you’ll find a short cape decorated with an intricate gold design.

His secondary belt is sitting on his hips, donning gold buckles and spikes with an emblem in the shape of a heart, but with some eerie-looking teeth in the middle. His belt connects down to the black leather strap on his right thigh, complementing the white one on his left thigh, both of which are sitting neatly on top of his white pants. Finally, dark purple shoes with faded gold accents complete an outfit only Jhin himself could have designed.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Shaco


I know very little about this fighter... and I've been told by our host to say EVEN LESS! (They've GOT to be friends...or mortal enemies?) His desires are hidden—just like his face—and his style in the ring remains to be seen! We just LOVE a mysterious, and not-at-all creepy combatant, don't we, folks? Here he is...Shaaaaaaaacoooooo!


Just like his personality, Shaco's outfit is a bit…crazy. For starters, Shaco’s arms are bound within a white straight jacket vest that has spiked gold accents on the collar, a god’s eye emblem on the back, and brown leather belts which are used throughout his outfit. He wears a deep red hood with two ears (horns?) that obscures his face quite well so that the only traits you can distinguish are his devilish eyes and smile. Underneath his jacket is a muted blue, skin-tight shirt.

Resting on Shaco’s hips is another brown leather belt with a god’s eye emblem functioning as the buckle. These are complemented by his indigo pants which are asymmetrical with a form-fitting right leg with one belt and a baggier left pant leg in red.


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Irelia


Some say it costs an arm and a leg to get anywhere in this world, and this fighter knows a little something about that. She’s graceful, she’s deadly, and she won the Tournament of Souls by cutting off her opponent's arm. Give it up for the Dancing Blade herself, IRELIAAA!


Irelia’s outfit features bright yellow, purple, and blues. She wears a strapless bandeau top in black, with a matching black mini skirt. She also has two brown belts over her mini skirt. Over her top, she has a cropped bright yellow jacket with exaggerated and poofy sleeves. She has fingerless black gloves and black thigh-high boots. Her hair is bright purple with some electric blue highlights and comes down to her thighs. She sports a yellow visor, and her blades are different shades of blue and teal. 

Xin Zhao

League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Xin Zhao


A spear-wielding master, this self-hating heartthrob spent YEARS working for DEMA. That’s right, those guys who think soul power is BAD! Hilarious, amirite? Well, despite his checkered past, he’s found himself with a lot of time to think about what he’s done and feel bad about it. Welcome the Seneschal of DEMA: Xin Zhao!!!


Xin Zhao’s fighting gear's main colors are green, blue, and white, all in darker hues. His shirt is a sleeveless form-fitting dark blue tank top that's tucked into his pants. Around his shoulders is a brown leather holster, and then over top, he has a darker white cropped sleeveless jacket. The jacket has some winged detailing that comes out from his chest, as well as brown leather and gold accenting. On one of his arms he has a matching navy blue fingerless sleeve that goes from his fingers to right below his shoulder. 

There are also two brown leather belts just below his shoulder and on his wrist. His pants are a dark green and have a baggier fit. They are also folded at the waist with a brown belt just below. To finish off the look, Xin Zhao also wears combat boots that match the green of his pants. While his main color scheme is darker, his weapon is an icy bright blue and white. 


League of Legends Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide Yasuo


A late entry into the Tournament, we made a special rule exemption allowing him to tag in for his big bro because, WOW, DOES HE KNOW HOW TO MAKE AN ENTRANCE! With a bone to pick with just about everyone and a face longer than the concessions line: He’s deadly, he’s broody, and he’s got a shot at having whatever he desires—the unforgettable Yasuooo.


The color scheme of Yasuo’s outfit is mainly white with hints of crimson red and deep blue. His main jacket color is a pristine white but there are two parts to it. The top half goes from his neck to his waist and can be removed. There are leather buckles on the wrists and a gold medal piece on one shoulder. The lapel of the jacket has crimson red on the inside and more gold detailing that outlines it. This half of his jacket is tucked into the thick leather belt wrapped around his waist. Once untucked and taken off, Yasuo is wearing a form-fitting black shirt that covers half his body, while the other half is exposed. He is also wearing black fingerless gloves. Over the black top is a long red fabric that is loose and sleeveless. His pants are navy blue and looser fit, and he tucks them in to his knee-length brown leather boots. He also has a yellow and black striped belt with a big golden lock that lays diagonally across his hips.